May 16, 2022


The Mellieha Holiday Centreengaged AIS Technology to help reduce its energy consumption costs. They also needed to install hotel door locks across all hotel suites and required an efficient and modern access control system to enhance their hotel's security.   




AIS Technology was able to reduce the client’s energy consumption by installing a Room Energy Management system (REMS). The REMS automatically senses room occupancy and optimises energy consumption whilst maintaining maximum comfort. To find the right balance between energy conservation and user comfort the REMS controls heating, cooling, lighting, and water systems based on the occupancy inside each room.  The REMS also combines intelligent control techniques with a customisable and user-friendly interface, making sure that guest comfort is maintained at all times, whilst simultaneously reducing energy costs.   


The access control solution delivered by AIS includes the installation of an RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) door lock system. With the RFID locking system, users do not need to insert or swipe a card. Instead, it uses proximity and radio frequencies to communicate with the RFID reader on the door. As a guest approaches the door, the proximity sensor detects the nearby card, authorises access, and opens the door automatically.


AIS was able to provide the client with the right digital solutions that minimised energy costs, maximised efficiency, and improved guest experience. Each system brings with it its own set of benefits.


Benefits of installing the REMS include: 

  • Improved comfort and well-being of tenants and guests 

  • Better handling of house-keeping and maintenance 

  • Significant reductions in operational costs 

  • Carbon footprint reduction 


Benefits of installing the RFID locking systems include: 

  • Improved security through smart device access. 

  • It provides a better guest experience 

  • With no swiping or insertion, it eliminates wear and tear to the card reader. 

  • It can be programmed to allow or restrict access to hotel amenities and other access points.