January 7, 2022


Melita, a leading telecom provider, sought an innovative security system in keeping with its brand values. Primarily, they wanted a secure access control system to know who is in the building. However, they also wanted to implement the latest innovative technology as part of a holistic security system.

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Access Control
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Access Control System

AIS Technology supplied and installed an all-encompassing access control system.


Speed Gates: All employees and visitors pass through speed gates that handle people flow at all entrances and exits. The speed gates cater for bi-directional flow using sliding technology, ensuring the security and safety of all staff.


Mobile-Based Access: AIS Technology also delivered a mobile-based access control solution, which uses a mobile device as a credential. The solution allowed Melita to abandon the use of physical cards and replace them with virtual cards stored on a smartphone. The mobile credentials are used in several places, including entrances to the building, elevators, and internal doors.


For employees, the change was easy. Each installs a mobile application on their smartphone and after logging in, receives a unique mobile ID assigned by the administrator. To open the door, they bring the mobile closer to the reader that authorizes credentials using NFC or Bluetooth technology. Employee enrolment was streamlined thanks to automatic integration with the company’s Active Directory system.


QR-Based Visitor Management: Visitors also benefit from a seamless experience, thanks to a QR-based visitor management system. Each visitor is given a barcode ticket, giving them limited-time access to the building. Employee and visitor credentials are managed through a single access control software, thus increasing convenience for administrators.


Security: All systems were integrated with other security systems such as CCTV and Fire Alarm equipment, thus maximising security.


When developing plans for an upgrade of their security system, Melita wanted to go beyond traditional technologies and now benefits in multiple ways from the access control system installed by AIS Technology


1. The mobile-based access control system simplifies user enrolment, accelerates administrative processes, and optimises the management of access control and security for the entire building.


2. By combining the access control system with surveillance tools, Melita has elevated the security of the entire building. Physical security personnel can quickly identify potentially dangerous situations, and the ability to limit guest access means restricted areas remain off-limits.