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Do you wish to increase your business’s efficiency and operations? Check out our IoT solutions and our ready-to-deploy IoT packages.

Ready, set, go! Choose your industry/area of business, select your preferred IoT solution and starter kit package, and purchase! Our sensors will arrive on your doorstep, pre-configured by our technical experts. As easy as that!

Our ready-to-deploy IoT starter kits include sensors that measure various parameters. Once you’re convinced that IoT is the future for you, the kit will serve as a base on which we will help you build your custom smart solution.

Smart Agriculture

Monitor soil conditions, ambient air temperature, water tank levels, pipe pressure and more.

Cold Chain Monitoring

Monitor your cold chain's ambient air temperature, relative humidity & door status.

Smart Poultry


Monitor your poultry farm's temperature, humidity, CO2 levels & more in real-time.

An IoT starter kit is a pre-configured set of hardware and software components designed to help businesses quickly develop and prototype their IoT solutions. The kit typically includes devices like sensors, controllers, and connectivity modules that are connected to a cloud-based platform that enables data collection, analysis, and visualisation. Request a quote.

One of the main benefits of an IoT starter kit is that it allows businesses to easily experiment with and test IoT solutions without the need for extensive hardware and software development resources. This can significantly reduce the time and cost required to get an IoT project off the ground, enabling businesses to quickly determine whether a particular solution is viable or not.

Customised Packages

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How IoT solutions can help your business grow!

Adopting an IoT solution can bring several benefits to businesses. Firstly, it can help improve operational efficiency and productivity by automating processes and providing real-time data insights. This can lead to cost savings and a more streamlined workflow.

Secondly, IoT solutions can help businesses better understand their customers and their behavior. Businesses can collect data from connected devices to analyze and gain insights into customer preferences, usage patterns, and buying behavior. This can help businesses make better-informed decisions and tailor their products and services to meet customer needs.

Thirdly, IoT solutions can also improve safety and security. For example, connected sensors can monitor equipment and alert maintenance teams when issues arise, preventing accidents and downtime. Similarly, connected security systems can provide real-time alerts in the event of a security breach, helping to prevent theft and damage to property.

In conclusion, adopting an IoT solution can bring several benefits to businesses, including improved efficiency, customer insights, and safety and security. An IoT starter kit can help businesses get started quickly and cost-effectively, allowing them to experiment and determine whether an IoT solution is right for their needs.