December 8, 2021


Like most hotel operators, Pergola Hotel & Spa recognises the need to conserve resources to combat climate change. Rising water and electricity bills have become a huge burden on building operators. With this in mind, there is an increasing importance of intelligent energy-saving solutions.


Pergola requested AIS Technology's Room Energy Management System to be installed in order to manage the energy and lighting systems in 106 rooms across the hotel. All whilst improving guest comfort.

Room Energy Management System


Room Energy Management System

The Room Energy Management System included the installation of a controller in each room. This enabled the lighting and air conditioning to be controlled based on the occupancy of the rooms.


The sensors automatically detect if the room is occupied or not and when no one is present in the room, the lighting and air conditioning systems are switched off automatically.


Through the use of AIS Technology's REMS, the hotel benefitted from:


     1. Improved comfort and well-being of tenants and guests.

The REMS installed can prep a guestroom at Pergola Hotel upon check-in to arrival state. This setting adjusts the thermostat to a comfortable temperature, can turn on welcoming room music, provide a welcome greeting on the TV, and turns on necessary lighting. The REMS also recognizes when a room is occupied by a guest, which can help avoid unnecessary housekeeping disruptions.


     2. Better handling of house-keeping and maintenance

The Room Energy management system recognises when a room is occupied by a guest, which can help avoid unnecessary housekeeping disruptions.


     3. Significant reductions in operational costs

One of the major benefits of implementing a REMS is the reduction in operational costs. In-use devices and lighting in an unoccupied room, such as lights and TVs, will be turned off. In addition, thermostats can drift to a temperature that requires less demand on the HVAC system.


     4. Carbon footprint reduction
The carbon footprint of a property is the total amount of greenhouse gases generated by our actions and is directly linked to the energy that it consumes. Having a system in place to continuously measure and control this can help to highlight deficiencies in Pergola's energy system that can be improved upon and lessen the hotel's environmental impact.