Temperature Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring

The Solution

AIS Technology offers wireless temperature monitoring solutions to ensure round-the-clock temperature control across various industries. Keeping manufacturing equipment, food inventory, and laboratory vaccines at the right temperatures is crucial to companies.

  • Ensuring that all samples and products in a laboratory remain at the proper temperature plays a critical role in the integrity and chemical composition of biological matter.
  • A storage climate in a warehouse that’s too hot or cold (or too dry or humid) can lead to huge losses for your company.
  • Ensuring the proper running of restaurant equipment is crucial to keep in check with Food Safety Compliance
  • Tracking the temperature of transit vehicles can help businesses keep alert and make adjustments whilst the vehicles are en route.
Temperature Monitoring

How it works

Our non-intrusive wireless sensors are installed to provide real-time data on your goods and equipment. You can rest assured that medications, vaccines, biological samples, equipment, food, etc. are stored and maintained at the proper temperature.

Our temperature monitoring solution can also provide additional features that go beyond basic temperature and humidity monitoring, which are also beneficial to a wide range of cold-chain industry verticals. Some of these features are:

  • CO₂ levels
  • Open/closed doors
  • Ambient light
  • Flooding or water leaks in cold room facilities

Through the software platform that AIS Technology provides, you can simply log in and track the exact conditions of your inventory, products, and cold-chain facilities. The wireless sensors work in real-time, and are accessible anytime, anywhere. Our temperature monitoring solution ensures that you're immediately notified of any issues before it’s too late.

The Benefits

  • Real-time temperature monitoring of all your cold-chain facilities from anywhere on any device
  • Eliminating product loss and waste
  • Quickly detecting malfunctions with real-time temperature alerts
  • Saving time & money from manual temperature checks and reducing errors

If your industry relies on temperature or humidity-sensitive products, don’t leave it to chance. Get in touch with our team at AIS Technology for your quote on temperature monitoring.