Livestock Tracking

Livestock tracking

The Solution

AIS Technology offers peace of mind to cattle owners with a solution where cattle producers can monitor the location of their livestock and receive alerts with any issues, no matter where they are. With our GPS livestock tracking solution, herders can track cattle, sheep, or any animal and get a full overview of the health of their cattle. This IoT solution helps you run a better and more efficient farm.

How it works

Our technology allows herders to tag cattle using a standard male prong and applicator. The ear tags identify and track cattle activity and send the data via LoRaWAN network. The technology can survive the harshest environmental and operational conditions.

With our solution, herders can keep track of their cattle, including whether they are visiting watering or feeding areas, as well as any other locations on the farm. Herders can check in on cattle every day. Using GPS technology, livestock is tracked in real-time on your mobile phone or computer. The AIS system lets herders generate cattle reports when needed.

The system also:

  • Sends text alerts for stray/stolen or downed animal

  • Provides pasture usage maps

  • Monitors the activity level of key animals

  • Monitors the animals' activity levels, including the distance they walk each day to access food or water

livestock tracking
livestock tracking

The Benefits

The system offers a number of benefits to herders, including:

  • Location tracking of cattle

  • Out of the paddock and out of farm alerts (Geofencing)

  • Easily view grazing patterns on desktop app

  • Remote cattle counting and inventory management

  • View and manage the entire farm remotely from the mobile app

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