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Spektrum is an employee management software tool developed by AIS Software. It is an excellent web-based T&A suite for managing employees in real time. With its HR software tool, you can access your punches, apply for leave, generate attendance reports and so much more - all in one place.

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By integrating all the tools required for effective staff management, Spektrum's HR and Employee Management software simplifies your work and makes it more convenient. The software is divided into four main modules- Time & Attendance, Shifts & Rosters, Leave Management, and Payroll- all of which are available under a single roof.

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The Spektrum mobile app takes all the benefits of the desktop version and plugs it into your mobile phone. Employees can clock in and clock out anytime, anywhere. With geolocation available too, management can keep track of where their employees are working from. This is most useful for when employees work on site.

spektrum mobile app

Available on Android and iOS!


With remote working becoming the standard among top-notch businesses, clocking in and clocking out remotely is crucial. This is where the Spektrum mobile app comes in. In just a few short clicks, employees can clock in and out from wherever they are in the world!

Here are some of the key benefits of the Spektrum app in relation to T&A:

  1. Spektrum is a cloud-based employee management solution that allows users to access it from anywhere and receive updates without disrupting their workflow.

  2. It seamlessly integrates with all biometric hardware offered by AIS Technology, including facial, fingerprint, RFID card, and hand recognition technology.

  3. The application brings together Time & Attendance, Leave Management, and Payroll into a single platform.

  4. Spektrum's web & mobile portal is secure and stable, and it offers role-based access to ensure that HR professionals, managers, and staff can only view and control relevant information.

  5. The app is also designed to make employee management easy, with the ability to add, manage, and remove employees at the click of a button.

  6. Customisable reports and dashboards provide users with a full picture of their data at all times.