Access Control System

access control system

The use of keys to enter a building is inefficient and impractical, with the risk of the keys being lost and having to go through the expense of changing locks and so forth.  Modern door access control systems allows you to manage who enters your building through various means of user identification namely: Card / Fingerprint / Face / Hand / Mobile App.

Our access control systems are suitable for a wide range of buildings and facilities. These security systems can be installed across your building to ensure safe access at all entry points, even in lifts.

Simply put, unless you have a PIN or Access card, no unwanted visitors may enter your building. This gives you peace of mind and ensures maximum security for your employees and protects your business from damage, theft, and unwarranted access.

Discover how AIS Technology implemented an innovative access control system for Melita.

Discover how AIS Technology implemented an innovative access control system for Melita.



Access Control systems give you complete flexibility within an organisation. For example, you might want certain areas of your building restricted amongst certain employees. Using our door access control will provide you with the flexibility to control not only who enters your building but which rooms they can enter. 

Online access control systems are beneficial as they allow one complete control of access rights and monitoring of movements via PC or smartphone. You will also gain easier management of users using API and Active Directory integration. 

Access Control System
Access Control
Access Control System

     2. OFFLINE 

AIS also offers offline access control with our standalone systems, where one or two small units are wired directly onto a door panel to control access to the door. There is no need for a PC network and you don’t have to secure every single door within your building, only those you wish to. 

User tokens can be added to the system in seconds by presenting an enrolment card to the door. The administration is straightforward and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Access Control System
Access Control System
Face Recognition
Access Control System
Fingerprint Recognition


An access control system has become increasingly important for businesses as they provide a secure and efficient means of managing access to company resources. These systems use various technologies such as smart cards, biometric scanners, and passwords to control access to physical locations, information systems, and sensitive data.

The benefits of an access control system include: 

  • Improved security, increased productivity, and reduced costs.

  • Limited access to only authorised individuals, reducing the risk of theft, damage, or unauthorized access.

  • Tracking and monitoring employee activity, ensuring they only access the resources they need for their job.

  • Increased productivity by reducing the time spent manually entering and managing physical keys or passwords. With electronic access control, access can be granted or revoked with a few clicks, saving time and effort.

  • Reducing the need for additional security personnel and minimising the risk of theft or damage to company resources. 

Overall, access control systems provide significant benefits for companies helping to increase security, productivity, and cost savings.