Vehicle Barriers

Vehicle Barriers
Vehicle Barrier

Vehicle Barriers installed at Dar L-Annunzjata


Automatic vehicle barrier gates are the ideal solution for managing vehicle movement in public parking areas, car parks, and private and block of flats entrances.

They are easily integrated with electronic access control systems to provide autonomous security in any facility.  Automatic vehicle barriers are made of a motor body and control unit, safely and securely operating a horizontal boom for the movement of all types of motor vehicles.

Automatic vehicle barrier systems ensure high performance and safety, making them ideal for the automation of private and public car parks which are subject to frequent vehicle transit during the day.


Wide range boom sizes: The vehicle barriers we use are Powerful and fast with 5 models available catering for up to 7 modular bars (3 to 9m).

Automated Control: Our vehicle barriers can be installed with ground loop detection or photocells which enables automatic opening. The loop detection includes a detector that provides the signal with which barriers, industrial gates, and fences can be opened. In hindsight what this does is when a vehicle approaches the barriers it disturbs the magnetic field and the vehicle is recognised and the barrier is opened. The photocell technology is a reflective technology that uses only main photocell that needs to be wired rather than a reflective mirror.

Our vehicle barriers are highly reliable and secure, with flashing lights and alarms. 

Vehicle Barrier


Top brands: At AIS we use only the best brands. For our road barriers we've partnered up with NICE -  an Italian multinational reference company in the Home Automation, Home Security and Smart Home sector.  Combined with Italian design and made with carefully selected materials, our road barriers are high performing, reliable, durable, stylish and cost-effective.

Integration: AIS's vehicle barriers can be integrated with various other systems and technologies. For example it can be linked with access control & intercom to monitor who is entering your building. Also, with as the latest technology for number plate recognition and long-range readers, Automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) one is able read vehicle registration plates.

The full package: To add to all of the above and giving you the complete package, AIS also offer Smart Parking technology which involve secure smart parking solutions to control parking spaces and manage occupancy of any parking lot.