January 26, 2022

What is Time and Attendance?

Time and Attendance systems offer more than just helping a business keep keeps track of employees clocking in and out. AIS provides an extensive choice of technological devices, complemented with versatile management software packages, which in turn incorporate the latest in Payroll and HR features. In turn, giving your business the full package for managing your staff efficiently and effectively. 

AIS Technology's T&A solutions are the result of over 30 years of experience. Our systems offer a quality level of productivity and efficiency.  This expertise and track record are behind every T&A solution we provide. 


Amongst the Time and Attendance devices we offer is a vast range of biometric readers.  AIS is constantly updating its product line with the latest technology, so that our clients benefit from the best and most efficient devices on the market today. Biometric technology continues to grow with billions of users worldwide. Fingerprint and facial recognition technology are at the forefront of biometric technology, especially for time and attendance applications.

Access Control


Face ID 2 is a biometric verification terminal with two types of advanced biometrics technologies with dual cameras, 1.2 GHz microprocessor, 128 MB memory, various types of data communication, providing swift and accurate biometrics verifications , as well as huge data storage capacity. The device is designed for convenience with contactless verification and multiple verification options.

Access Control


Fingerprint technology’s quality has improved over the years. With accuracy, reliability, and stability, fingerprint technology is one of the best biometric technologies out there. Smaller storage space is now required for fingerprint templates, reducing the size of the database memory required and increasing the amount of user template capacity. Combining a user-friendly interface with a powerful in-built processor, this fingerprint reader ensures that your security infrastructure is up to scratch at all times. Our fingerprint reader is suitable for clients looking for a cost-effective, high-security application such as access control. The fingerprint reader can also be integrated with other security devices to offer a complete Time & Attendance package.

Time and Attendance

Biometric Hand Reader 

In 1991, AIS introduced the first biometric hand reader device in Malta. Since then, biometric technology has grown with the introduction of other biometric technologies including face and fingerprint technologies. After all these years, the hand reader remains a reliable, affordable and easy to use Time & Attendance solution.


Developed by AIS Software, SPEKTRUM brings together a hands-on solution to meet the ever-changing demands of employees and management. Seamlessly integrated with any of our wide range of access control and T&A devices, this web-based software makes managing staff easy, efficient, and effective. The HR and Payroll tools incorporated in SPEKTRUM, allow employees to access their own personal data including punches, leave applications, and payslip records.