Smart Utility Monitoring

Smart Utility Monitoring

The Solution

We provide Smart Utility monitoring solutions that can monitor and automate the collection of utility data such as electricity, water, and gas. The solution is built on a Cloud IoT application platform customised according to specific client needs.

How it works

AIS caters both to retrofit solutions, where sensors are connected to existing metering equipment to capture the required data, and can also install ready-connected LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Networks) hardware for new installations.  Sensor data is captured and processed by the IoT sensors and sent to the cloud through wireless LPWAN connectivity. The user application allows you to easily visualize, monitor and manage your data and devices, making remote monitoring of facilities much simpler.  

The Benefits

Using our Smart Utility monitoring solution our clients can monitor all the energy utilities in their buildings. A dashboard displays key status information of all edge devices, leading to quicker response times and reduced downtime.

Benefits include:

  • Automating the task of calculating and generating monthly reports

  • Viewing data from any location

  • Removing the need for manual logging using a secure web interface

  • Reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint

  • Receiving alerts in the event of any malfunctions

IoT has enabled AIS Technology to deliver scalable and flexible solutions to a variety of businesses, delivering a return on investment within a few months. Data from a wide range of hardware is visualised through user-friendly IoT dashboards.

Get in touch with our sales team to guide you on the best utility monitoring solution suited to your needs.