Smart Irrigation

Smart Irrigation

The Solution

Farmers face various challenges, many of which include manual labour in the operation and monitoring of equipment, which in the long run, limits productivity and increases waste of resources. Smart irrigation monitoring is used to improve water-use efficiency and protect the sustainability of modern agricultural practices.

AIS Technology’s Internet of Things (IoT) solutions makes it easier for farmers to monitor and control water resources to meet demand, cut waste and reduce costs. Sensors installed on the field collect real-time data to assist farmers to adjust practices. Using this technology, farmers can effectively use the information to achieve greater yields and earn higher profits.

How it works

Farming uses more water than any other industry or activity. Installation of smart irrigation and water monitoring systems by AIS can help farmers reduce water waste, by:

  • Collecting real-time water usage data with remote sensing technologies

  • Triggering actions based on sensor data to switch water on and off

  • Using data-driven insights to prevent water misuse and underutilisation

  • Detecting pipeline leaks and faults

  • Leveraging smart sensors to monitor changing environmental conditions (e.g., temperature and rainfall)

  • Measuring and monitoring soil moisture levels remotely

  • Triggering sprinkler systems to address low soil moisture levels to prevent crop damage or loss

  • Capturing data to indicate trends and make forecasts based on various conditions

  • Deploying submersible-type sensors that can identify and diagnose water levels in wells and pumps

Smart Irrigation

The Benefits

Considering shortages in water are common all over the world, smart irrigation systems are crucial for the agricultural industry to be leaders in water efficiency.

By enabling smarter irrigation and water monitoring, farmers benefit from:

  • Reduced costs and water/energy consumption

  • Increased access to data from the sensors anytime, anywhere

  • Reduced manpower, as a result of increased labour effectiveness and efficiency

  • Improved water-use efficiency

  • Enhanced productivity

  • Lowered operating costs

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