January 7, 2022

Client Request

VideoSlots, a gaming company based in Malta, needed to manage the security in their building better and wanted to control access to their premises. They requested a secure and reliable solution that was easy for both IT and HR personnel to manage simultaneously. The client also wanted to restrict access to certain areas and rooms of their building. 

Card-Based Door Access Control
Card-Based Door Access Control
Access Control
Sliding gates - pedestrian employee access


Access Control integrated with Turnstiles

AIS Technology installed an integrated solution combining turnstiles with an access control system. Upon entering the premises the company benefitted from fully customisable full height turnstiles, which were installed with Videoslot's logo on them.

Over and above the sleek design of the turnstiles people entering would need to swipe their access card in order to operate the turnstiles. This would in turn be synced with an online system where business owners can have full control of who is entering their building.

Apart from having the access control system at the entrance of their building, AIS also installed an RFID MIFARE door card-based access control, which was placed at all doors and entry points. This again gave control over who enters, not only the building but also specific areas in the building that the management might want to restrict access to.



AIS Technology implemented a fully integrated security system across VideoSlot's building. Throughout the use of AIS's Active Directory integration, greater security and easier handling of enrolled users was possible.


To ensure safety of staff in the event of an emergency a roll call report was also installed. A roll call report enables the system administrator to obtain a report listing all of the users currently within a specified area.


Client benefitted from fully customisable turnstiles at the buildings entrance which were not only aesthetically pleasing but functional in aiding the busines owners to control any unwanted access. This combined with the full access control system across the building gave the client peace of mind on the company's security.