January 7, 2022


The client requested AIS Technology to improve its building's performance, cut energy costs, and ensure that all building services function as efficiently as possible.  The building encompassed an office and data centre across the 12-floor development and serves as the main European office for a major UK-based gaming company.

Building Management Systems
Building Management Systems


Building management system

AIS Technology's Building Management System (BMS) was installed to implement the energy-efficient building requested by the client. The BMS played a vital role in reducing the building's energy consumption.


Trend Controls: The BMS implemented is based on Trend Controls equipment, a leading provider of BMS hardware and software. The BMS is connected to the building’s major energy-consuming equipment; namely AHUs, chillers, and ventilation equipment. The Building Management System utilises Trend Controls’ range of hardware and software to communicate directly with all third-party equipment. 


Sensors: Internal ambient sensors were strategically installed throughout the building. This provides a healthy ambient temperature for all staff. The BMS automatically controls the HVAC equipment.


Web-Based Interface: The BMS software also serves as an Energy Hub, allowing the facilities management team to monitor all real-time energy consumption and patterns via a web-based interface.


Water Meters: All energy and water meters are periodically logged onto the BMS system. The client’s facility managers use the data supplied to understand and react to the real-time energy profile of their buildings.


In collaboration with the engineering consultants, AIS Technology’s team of engineers and trained personnel delivered an all-encompassing Building Management System (BMS).


The client can now monitor and control a wide range of systems in their building. This was made possible through the integration of all installed equipment into a single, web-based BMS interface.


Furthermore, the BMS software provides advanced visibility and control of all their energy consumption. The BMS is a key tool in the client’s efforts to reduce energy consumption and their carbon footprint.