July 19, 2022


Located adjacent to Auberge de Castille,  Canberra House is a 1,746sqm commercial development that has rightfully claimed to be the most prestigious private office address on the Maltese Islands. The building is considered prime real estate and is spread over five floors, including a stunning roof terrace. The modular layout deliberately adapts to the needs of multiple businesses.


Canberra House appointed AIS Technology to handle the security for the newly built luxury block of offices. They required a fully-fledged system whereby they could have eyes on who is entering their building, as well as restrict access between their offices to authorised personnel.


AIS technology identified all the customer needs and developed an integrated security solution consisting of CCTVs, intercoms, an intruder alarm and a card-based access control system.


Our team at AIS installed Dahua’s IP based cameras across the entire building, which are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Since IP cameras transmit digital signals, they can capture greater detail. This makes it possible for the security system AIS installed to incorporate advanced video analytics like facial matching into their software. AIS also developed a mobile app whereby the client can easily access all the surveillance footage, wherever they are.


To control access between offices, AIS installed a multi door access control solution. The card reader uses RFID technology which enables the devices to read the cards from a distance.


AIS Technology offers tailor-made systems comprised of multiple solutions. The holistic nature of our services means that clients benefit from a single contact point for all IoT solutions at quotation stage, during installation and when it comes to after-sales support.


With the new integrated security system installed, the Canberra House operators now have eyes on their buildings day and night. The cameras installed by AIS are reliable and provide recorded videos and images. Authorised personnel can access live footage quickly and , even via a mobile app.


The access control system prevents unauthorized visitors in restricted areas. Building owners now have eyes on who accesses what offices. With the AIS access control system in place, by creating customised access cards for each employee, rather than cutting multiple keys to different offices and facilities. The security and access control system implemented gave another level of security to Canberra House without disrupting the facility’s flow of daily operations.