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Laser Markers

Laser Markers are used for engraving, printing, and coding applications.

They are used to apply clean, crisp codes on products using a non-contact printing method that marks or engraves high-quality 1D or 2D bar barcodes, multiple lines of text, batch numbers, lot codes, logos, etc. on various products for tracking and tracing purposes.


Benefits of Laser Markers

High-Performance CO2 Laser Markers

With print speeds of up to 2,100 characters/second, this technology is ideal for high-speed and high-volume applications in the pharmaceutical, tobacco, and beverage industries

Light Duty CO2 Laser Marker

With scribing laser technology and large marking fields, this technology provides excellent mark quality on paper, cardboard, plastics, and other materials. It reaches top speeds of 500 characters/second at excellent mark quality

Fiber Laser Marker

These high-speed high-precision laser markers contain both a real-time clock and I/O communications capabilities. They are perfect for the electronics industry because of the ability to mark on tiny items

UV Laser Marker

With marking speeds up to 2,000 characters per second, this technology is ideal for demanding production schedules in high-speed high-volume industries that require a high-level of code contrast

Why AIS?

We offer the largest laser marker portfolio in the industry:

  1.  12 different CO2 laser models to choose from
  2.  7 different Solid State models to choose from
  3.  19 different laser marker models to choose from ranging from UV, Fiber, and CO2 laser options
  4.  Industry-leading 25 different mark windows for CO2 (40 series) marking
  5.  Industry-leading 15 different lenses available for CO2 (40 series) laser marking systems
  6.  Industry-leading service footprint –250+ Field Service Engineers

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