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Access Control System

Our access control systems are suitable for a wide range of buildings and facilities. These security systems can be installed across your building to ensure safe access at all entry points, even in lifts. 

Our Solution

An access control system has become increasingly important for businesses as they provide a secure and efficient means of managing access to company resources. 

  • By limiting access to authorized personnel, our systems mitigate risks such as theft, damage, and unauthorized entry.

  • Tracking and monitoring employee activity optimises resource allocation, ensuring individuals access only necessary resources, thereby saving time previously spent on manual management of keys or passwords.

  • Our solution reduces the need for additional security personnel and minimizes risks, translating to reduced operational costs and safeguarding company resources.


Discover how AIS Technology implemented an innovative
access system for Melita


Maximises security

Increases productivity

Reduces costs

Reduces risk of theft, damage, or unauthorised access

Simplifies tracking and monitoring employee activity

Replaces the need for security personnel

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