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Fingerprint Readers

Combining a user-friendly interface with a powerful in-built processor, this fingerprint reader ensures that your security infrastructure is up to scratch at all times. Our fingerprint readers are suitable for clients looking for a cost-effective, high-security application such as access control. 

What is a Fingerprint Reader?

Fingerprint technology’s quality has improved over the years. With accuracy, reliability, and stability, fingerprint technology is one of the best biometric technologies out there.

  • Smaller storage space is now required for fingerprint templates, reducing the size of the database memory required and increasing the amount of user template capacity.
  • The fingerprint reader can also be integrated with other security devices to offer a complete Time & Attendance package.

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Increased Accuracy

Unlike traditional timekeeping methods such as punch cards or badges, fingerprints cannot be lost, stolen, or forgotten. This ensures that every employee is accounted for and that the data collected is reliable and accurate.

Elimination of Buddy Punching

It can lead to overpayment of wages and undermine employee accountability. With fingerprint readers, the potential for buddy punching is eliminated, as each employee's attendance is tied directly to their unique biometric data.

Improved Security

The unique biometric data of each employee ensures that only authorized individuals are able to clock in or out. This helps prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas and can improve overall workplace safety.

Streamlined Processes

Fingerprint readers can streamline time and attendance tracking processes, saving businesses time and money. The data collected is automatically recorded and stored in a database, eliminating the need for manual inputting of timesheets.

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