Parking Solutions

AIS Technology offer a practical and enhanced solution to car park operators. We understand that operators require better commercial parking management to solve the various existing challenges they face.

Revolutionise your parking management

Our solutions streamline operations, boost efficiency, and heighten customer satisfaction, all while ensuring enhanced security for car parks of any size.

  • Reduce traffic congestion by utilising advanced IoT technology for smoother vehicle flow.

  • Enjoy diverse payment methods, offering convenience and flexibility to users.

  • Enhance security and control with integrated ANPR technology and access control systems, providing full visibility and control over car parks.

Discover how AIS managed to cut energy costs of Fortina Data Centre with BMS​

Smart Buildings. Security. IoT.

AIS Technology designs and delivers expert end-to-end technology solutions. We are market leaders in Energy Management, Security Systems, Time and Attendance, and the Internet of Things.