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Facial Clocking

AIS Technology is a leading provider of cutting-edge, facial clocking time and attendance devices. These devices provide an efficient, secure, and accurate way of tracking employee attendance, eliminating the need for manual timekeeping methods.

What is a Facial Clocking Device?

It is widely used in various industries, including time and attendance tracking. These facial clocking devices use sophisticated algorithms to detect and recognize faces, providing an accurate and reliable way of verifying employee identity. 

facial clocking

Explore how time and attendance solutions can increase efficiency in your business


Improved Accuracy

Ensure that employee attendance is accurately recorded. Unlike traditional methods such as paper timesheets or manual entry, face clocking devices eliminate the risk of errors or fraud.

Enhanced Security

Ensure that only authorized employees can access the premises. By capturing a unique facial biometric, these devices help to prevent unauthorized access and deter potential security threats.


Employees no longer need to manually clock in and out, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks.


They eliminate the need for expensive manual entry systems and reduce the risk of errors that can result in costly payroll mistakes.


It only requires a simple facial scan to record attendance. This makes them an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes, as they can be easily integrated into existing systems.

Real-time Data

These devices provide real-time data on attendance and time management, allowing businesses to take decisions without unnecessary delays.

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