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Vehicle Barriers

Automatic vehicle barriers are the ideal solution for managing vehicle movement in public parking areas, car parks, and private and block of flats entrances.

Our Solution

Automatic vehicle barriers consist of a motorized body and control unit, ensuring the safe and secure operation of a horizontal boom to control and facilitate access to motor vehicles.

  • Ensure smooth and safe operation, perfect for automating high-traffic car parks, enhancing convenience and security.

  • Our barriers feature a range of boom sizes and automated control options, including ground loop detection and photocell technology, guaranteeing reliable and hassle-free access control for vehicles.

  • Equipped with flashing lights and alarms, our vehicle barriers prioritise safety and security, providing clients with peace of mind regarding effective access management.

vehicle barriers

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Top Brands

We use the renowned Italian brand NICE to make road barriers that are high performing, reliable, durable, stylish and cost-effective


The barriers can be integrated with various other systems and technologies, such as access control & intercom

The Full Package

Combined with our Smart Parking technology, AIS offers solutions that automatically detect parking spaces and control occupancy

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