Smart Irrigation

Farmers face various challenges, many of which include manual labour in the operation and monitoring of equipment, which in the long run, limits productivity and increases waste of resources. Smart irrigation monitoring is used to improve water-use efficiency and protect the sustainability of modern agricultural practices.

Our Solution

A Smart Irrigation system makes it easier for farmers to monitor and control water resources to meet demand, cut waste and reduce costs. Sensors installed on the field collect real-time data to assist farmers to adjust practices.

  • AIS’s IoT-powered irrigation solution enables real-time monitoring and control of water resources, optimizing usage and boosting yields.

  • By utilizing remote sensing and data-driven insights, AIS minimizes water waste, prevents crop damage, and conserves resources.

  • The smart irrigation system reduces water and energy consumption, lowers operating costs, and enhances agricultural productivity, leading to increased profitability for farmers.

smart irrigation

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Reduced costs and water/energy consumption

Increased access to data from the sensors anytime, anywhere

Reduced manpower, as a result of increased labour effectiveness and efficiency

Improved water-use efficiency

Enhanced productivity

Lowered operating costs

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