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Smart Waste Management

AIS Technology’s smart waste solution offers full coverage to all areas of waste management. Monitoring of bin levels, real-time communication with waste collectors, updated waste schedules, alerts, and warnings, are all key features generated by AIS Technology’s waste sensors.

Our Smart Waste Solution

Our solution uses next-generation IoT technology to continuously check waste levels inside waste bins. These smart waste monitoring sensors are installed inside waste bins, which collect and transmit information into a central database.

  • Real-time data on bin fill levels enables optimized collection routes, reducing operational costs and fuel consumption.

  • By streamlining collection schedules and minimizing unnecessary pickups, our solution leads to significant cost savings for waste management operations.

  • With a reduced carbon footprint and fewer overflow incidents, our solution contributes to a greener, more sustainable environment.


Benefits of Smart Waste Mangement

For The Public

A web app guides the general public to find their nearest available waste bin based on their physical location and the real-time fill levels inside the bins.

For Waste Operators

Benefits to waste operators and local authorities. Thanks to nationwide IoT coverage, the waste bins can be installed anywhere across the Maltese Islands.

For The Environment

Significant reduction in unnecessary collection trips, an increase in recycled waste collected, and a lower carbon footprint through reduced vehicle emissions. 

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