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Room Energy Management

A Room Energy Monitoring System is a comprehensive solution designed to monitor and control energy usage within a designated space, providing real-time insights to optimise efficiency and reduce consumption.

What is REMS?

An REMS uses sensors and intuitive software, to enable users to enhance sustainability efforts, and ultimately save on energy costs. 

  • Ensure efficient resource management with our REMS which optimises heating, cooling and lighting usage based on room occupancy, ensuring both comfort and energy savings.

  • By intelligently managing resources in unoccupied rooms, our solution significantly reduces energy bills for hotels and other facilities.

  • Our REMS promotes sustainability by lowering energy and water consumption, aligning with guest expectations for eco-friendly practices without compromising comfort.


Discover how AIS Technology enabled Pergola to manage energy and lighting systems across 106 guest rooms

Iniala Hotel & Spa
Pergola Hotel & Spa
Mellieha Holiday Centre


Improved Comfort for guests

Adjusts the thermostat to a comfortable temperature, can turn on welcoming room music, a welcome greeting on the TV, and turns on necessary lighting.

Handling of house-keeping and maintenance

Recognises when a room is occupied by a guest, which can help avoid unnecessary housekeeping disruptions.

Reductions in operational costs

A BMS provides a centralised control system, making it easier for building managers to monitor and control different systems remotely from a single location.

Carbon footprint reduction

Highlight deficiencies in your energy system that can be improved upon to lessen your environmental impact.

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