Digitalisation: The Benefits for Your Business

No matter the industry, innovation is key for businesses to gain and retain a competitive edge: one such innovation is digitalisation. With new technologies being developed every single day, finding the right technological solution for your business can be a massive headache for top management.

As digitalisation specialists, AIS Technology attended a conference, “Enterprise Innovation”, held at the Salini Resort on the 23rd of February. The conference offered an opportunity for businesses to meet with service providers of Industry 4.0 technologies, just like AIS Technology. Showcasing a collection of success stories, the conference highlighted the value of innovative & digital solutions for businesses. As an EU Advanced Manufacturing (ADMA) Support Centre initiative, SMEs could explore wideranging ADMA solutions and find the best one for their businesses.

Every single business can gain through digitalisation, in particular with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. As a service provider, AIS Technology demonstrated how IoT can help businesses maximise the efficiency of the day-to-day operations, reduce utility costs and attract clients.

The event was an eye-opener to the rising demand for technology products and businesses’ inherent need for automated solutions. IoT solutions can monitor almost anything, from vehicle tracking, warehouse temperature & humidity, indoor climate, room occupancy and so much more. Eliminating the need of personnel to regularly check their operations, IoT systems provide users with a dashboard showing the sensor data in real-time. This dashboard is accessible on phones, tablets or computers – anytime, anywhere. Alerts would also notify users of issues that need their immediate attention.

By way of example, pharmaceutical and food & beverage companies can both benefit from IoT sensors in warehouses. IoT sensors can detect and control the indoor climate (temperature, humidity, CO2 buildup, etc.) as well as freezers/storage containers. Other IoT sensors can monitor stock and inventory.

So too can farmers benefit from IoT systems. With sensors which track cattle, water tank levels, weather, soil conditions and more, these systems are simple to set up and provide farmers with real-time data on any device. People who work in dangerous environments, such as production plants or construction sites, can also be monitored for safety reasons using mobility trackers.

Innovation is high on the agenda for SMEs looking to the future. In these highly competitive & fast-paced markets, transitioning to more digitally-advanced technologies is one of the easiest ways for businesses to get ahead of their competition. AIS Technology’s in-house experts, combined with our top-of-the-range sensors, open the door to endless possibilities for businesses seeking to grow and thrive.

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