Valletta Design Cluster

Client Request

In 2017 the Old Abattoir (il-Biċċerija l-Antika) in Valletta undertook a renovation to make place for what is today known as the ‘Valletta Design Cluster’ – a community space for cultural and creative practice.

The client requested to Monitor the operation of all building services, throughout the renovated building. The building services, which they needed to monitor and control included equipment such as air conditioning, ventilation, and lighting systems.

Solution: Building Management System


Easy for staff to control the equipment within the building.


BMS monitors a range of equipment throughout the building, such as Fire alarms, Heating, lighting, ventilation and air conditioning.

Facilitated the maintenance and reporting

The software in our BMS systems has an in-built energy analysis tool, which together with plant alarms.

Improve comfort

Web-based software allows facility managers to keep track of their building in real-time.

Technical support

BMS system maintained through a Service Level Agreement to cater to preventive and breakdown support.

Discover how an information system can streamline processes


Reduce energy wastage

Saving money

Full control of their building operations.

Smart Buildings. Security. IoT.

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