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The Free Childcare Scheme is a system promised in the Government’s Electoral Manifesto, whereby Government provides free childcare services to parents/guardians who work or are pursuing their education. 

The childcare service is either provided directly through government services or Registered Childcare Centres. In 2014, the Ministry for Education and Employment (MEDE) entrusted AIS Technology to deliver an Information System for Child Care Centres in Malta and Gozo.

Solutions: Childcare Information System

Attendance tracking system

Includes fobs, fob readers, the management system, and the fob reader software together with maintenance, training, and support.


Of server Operating systems, Relational Database Management systems, Webservers, and Anti-virus protection

CIS Integration

With other Government web services including eID authentication, Common Data Repository, and the Jobsplus database via web service.

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Increase of users

Today over 150 centres are participating.

Free Childcare Scheme entitlement

After calculating one’s work hours, the beneficiaries are entitled to an additional 10% on working hours per month to consider commuting time

Improved conditions

Parents who are studying full-time are also eligible for 40 hours per week of childcare, while those studying part-time are eligible for 20 hours per week.

Women's Advancement

Significant increase in women continuing their work careers and studies

Economy contribution

Boosted mothers’ working hours, thus contributing millions of euros to Malta’s economy

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