St. James Hospital

Client Request

St. James Hospital required a Building Management System (BMS) where they could access all their building systems under one solution. They requested that:

  • Temperatures in the operating theatres be controlled and adjusted as required.
  • All heat pumps and ventilation throughout the hospital be monitored on a regular basis.

Solutions: Building Management System

Centralised System

All heat pumps and ventilation are controlled through one system.


The building management system can be automated to react to changes occurring in real-time within the facility.

Easy Access

All systems can be monitored and adjusted according to the client’s desires.

Seamless Integration

It is developed with the end-user in mind.

Discover how an information system can streamline processes


Peace of mind

Electronic centralised regulation

Decrease energetic costs and consumption

Upgrades efficiency

Enhance utilities' life cycle

Improves the comfort of management

Smart Buildings. Security. IoT.

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