Mellieha Holiday Centre

Client Request

The Mellieha Holiday Centreengaged AIS Technology to:

  • Help reduce its energy consumption costs. 
  • To install hotel door locks across all hotel suites and required an efficient and modern access control system to enhance their hotel’s security.   

Solutions: REMS & Access Control

Sense room occupancy

REMS controls heating, cooling, lighting, and water systems based on the occupancy inside each room.

Combines intelligent control techniques

With a customisable and user-friendly interface

RFID System

Proximity sensor detects the nearby card, authorises access, and opens the door automatically.

Discover how AIS helped to monitor the operation of all building services​


Improved comfort

Better handling of house-keeping and maintenance

Reductions in operational costs

Carbon footprint reduction

Improved security

Better guest experience

Eliminates wear and tear to the card reader

Can be programmed to allow or restrict access to hotel amenities

Smart Buildings. Security. IoT.

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