1926 Hotel

Client Request

As part of a recent refurbishment, the 1926 Hotel and Spa wanted to implement the latest technologies to reduce its carbon footprint and improve its operations. 

  • The hotel sought a Room Energy Management System to reduce unnecessary energy consumption within each guest room.
  • They wanted a seamless Check-In process for their guests which eliminated the need for plastic cards.

Solution: Room Energy Management


The REMS delivered a reduction in energy consumption and costs, as well as minimising the hotel’s carbon footprint.

PIN-based Access Control system

Integrated directly with the hotel’s Property Management System to provide guest access to the hotel, without needing any intervention from the hotel’s staff.


Guests are notified of their check-in details via email and SMS before they arrive at the hotel

Electronic Do Not Disturb/Make-Up Room system

Allows hotel operations to know guest preferences in real-time, improving their efficiency and minimising guest disruption.

Discover how the energy monitoring improving with
REMS in Iniala Harbour House


Low energy consumption

A modern and technological hotel image

Improved hotel's operations and efficiency

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