Iniala Harbour House

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Iniala Harbour House, part of Iniala Holdings, is a luxury hotel located in Valetta. The hotel offers spacious guest rooms with views of the Grand Harbour and the Three Cities. Iniala is all about offering a distinct sense of style, quality, and extraordinary service to its guests. 

  • Iniala Harbour recognises the need to conserve resources and limit its carbon footprint to combat climate change. 
  • With this in mind, they entrusted AIS Technology to develop an intelligent energy-saving solution all whilst maximising guest comfort.

Solutions: Room Energy Management Systems


It senses room occupancy, temperature and light levels and feeds data to the REMS, which adjusts the light and air conditioning accordingly.

Automatic switch-off

When no one is present in the room, the REMS automatically turns these systems off.

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Improved guest comfort

Prep a guestroom at Iniala Harbour House upon check-in to a pre-set ambience.

Better handling of house-keeping and maintenance

REMS senses guests in each room. Housekeeping use this information to plan their cleaning routines in real-time.

Reductions in operational costs

The system switches off devices (such as lights and TVs) in unoccupied rooms.

Carbon footprint reduction

Having a REMS in place to continuously measure and adjust settings in real-time significantly reduces the hotel’s carbon footprint

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