Dar L-Annunzjata

Client Request

A newly built elderly care facility, Dar l-Annunzjata, required a state-of-the-art Extra Low Voltage system.

  • The solutions integrate seamlessly to provide the facility’s staff with complete control of their security, sound, and IT systems.
  • The IT systems installed allow high bandwidth applications to operate effortlessly, such as Wi-Fi, IP-based TV, and Nurse call systems.

Solutions: Building Management System

IP-based CCTV surveillance

Installed throughout the whole building, linked to reception, facilities, and management offices.

An RFID-based access control solution

This was used in order for access to public areas, private rooms, lifts, as well as road barriers.

Vehicle barriers

Installed on the premises car park, with access via card readers.

Public Address and Sound system

The PA system delivers audio throughout all the building’s corridors, whilst sub-systems cater for music delivery within the gym and public halls.


Flexibility to control

Monitoring of movements via PC or smartphone

Minimal disruptions to operations

Smart Buildings. Security. IoT.

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