AIS Technology: Certified IoT Provider

Even though the partnership is only now becoming official, the relationship between AIS Technology and Ubidots is already long-standing. By using Ubidots, we have been able to develop and implement our various IoT solutions, which are geared toward creating smart buildings and cities. This proven success of using Ubidots has now earned AIS Technology recognition as a Certified Solutions Provider by Ubidots.

Ubidots is a low-code IoT development platform for companies and developers without the time or energy to build an entire, production-ready IoT application themselves. From device-friendly APIs to a clean UI for end-users, Ubidots provides the essential building blocks to bring you faster to market, Without having to hire an expensive team of engineers to develop and maintain a customized solution.

AIS Technology’s solutions can essentially monitor anything from utilities, air quality, waste, or cold chain (to name a few) through a concept of plug-and-play set-ups. We provide clients with IoT-enabled and retrofit equipment along with a full IoT stack and a customized platform to monitor the energy, water, or gas consumption and view the data transmitted from the IoT Sensors.

Ubidots, for its part, is a great addition to the toolkit of businesses and systems integrators. Receiving all the data generated by devices and sensors, Ubidots turns monitoring into a simple and intuitive task thanks to its comprehensive visualization tools and its drag-n-drop dashboards.

And since this type of monitoring is all about staying ahead of issues and acting on data, Ubidots has an events module that can be granularly configured so that you receive alerts, right when you need them, in the form of SMS, emails, calls, or messaging app’s notifications.

Smart Buildings. Security. IoT.

AIS Technology designs and delivers expert end-to-end technology solutions. We are market leaders in Energy Management, Security Systems, Time and Attendance, and the Internet of Things.