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AIS Technology is seeking talented professionals to join our dynamic team. Explore our current tech vacancies and discover opportunities to grow your career in cutting-edge engineering solutions. From software development to project management, we offer a range of roles that can help you achieve your goals.

AIS Technology forms part of AIS Group. Founded in 1991, AIS Group is made up of a group of specialists operating in the engineering and environmental spheres. The companies within the Group are leaders in their respective industry, operating across diverse markets including biometrics, energy management systems, environmental consultancy, archaeological services and waste recycling.

Working with AIS

AIS maintains a family business mindset and anyone who joins our company immediately becomes part of this family. We support and acknowledge people’s growth, and encourage everyone to challenge themselves and push boundaries.

We value people who look at their work and see how they can improve themselves, our clients, and the company. Our doors are always open and we listen carefully to any internal feedback, constantly working on how to make our team stronger. 

By joining our company you will enjoy the benefits of having training & coaching, special summer hours, KPI bonuses, psychological support through partnership with Richmond Foundation and simply being part of a fast-growing, hungry-for-success, and driven company.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us, and be part of the AIS team!


Passion in what we do and how we do it. This has made us a dependable company for over 30 years, with the experience and dedication to steer clients and staff in the right direction.


We are constantly seeking new opportunities and believe we are always a step ahead in the game. Innovation is in our blood – it’s what makes us leaders in our fields.


We value employees as an extension of the family. We have always been open, welcoming and non-discriminatory, while nurturing all employees to accomplish great things.


Our integrity pushes us to go one step further, every time. We are a solution-driven company and go beyond limits to ensure we bring forward a level of professionalism like no other.