May 6, 2022

IoT Technology

AIS Technology makes use of IoT technology (Internet of Things)  to provide solutions that are all about connecting people with things. Through the use of embedded devised and streamlined communication, AIS offers solutions that makes standard procedure more easily manageable and efficient, with minimal human intervention. By means of low-cost computing, the cloud, big data, analytics, and mobile technologies, physical things can share and collect data. In this day and age with our advanced digital systems, we can record, monitor, and adjust each interaction between connected things. 


Our cloud parking solution can gather data from multiple parking sites, and provides real-time analytical dashboard for parking operators/building owners which results in optimising profits.  Our secure smart parking solution integrated with our ANPR technology, access control systems, and intercom gives you full control and security to your building and helps you manage the occupancy of any parking lot.


AIS Technology’s smart waste solution offers full coverage to all areas of waste management. Our smart waste monitoring solution uses next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) technology to continuously check waste levels inside waste bins. These smart waste monitoring sensors are installed inside waste bins, which collect and transmit information into a central database.


AIS offer clients the very best IoT hardware, services, and support. From proof of concept to commercial deployment, AIS Technology makes IoT accessible to all.


We partner with the world's leading manufacturers to supply the full IoT stack throughout Europe. For simple deployment, many sensors can be shipped pre-provisioned ready to work out-of-the-box. 


Get in touch with our sales team for more information on how your business can make use of our IoT technology solutions.