July 19, 2022


Iniala Harbour House, part of Iniala Holdings, is a luxury hotel located in Valetta. The hotel offers spacious guest rooms with views of the Grand Harbour and the Three Cities.


Iniala is all about offering a distinct sense of style, quality, and extraordinary service to its guests. Iniala Harbour recognises the need to conserve resources and limit its carbon footprint to combat climate change. With this in mind, they entrusted AIS Technology to develop an intelligent energy-saving solution all whilst maximising guest comfort.

room energy management
room energy management


Installing Room Energy Management Systems (REMS) in a historic building filled with heritage can be challenging, as the building’s old structure requires creative solutions. Our team of experts managed to carefully install an REMS controller in each guest room. The controller senses room occupancy, temperature and light levels and feeds data to the REMS, which adjusts the light and air conditioning accordingly. When no one is present in the room, the REMS automatically turns these systems off to save energy.


With AIS Technology's REMS, the hotel benefitted from:


  • Improved guest comfort
    The REMS installed by AIS can prep a guestroom at Iniala Harbour House upon check-in to a pre-set ambience. This setting turns on lights, adjusts the thermostat to a comfortable temperature, puts on welcoming room music, and provides a welcome greeting on the TV.


  • Better handling of housekeeping and maintenance
    The REMS senses guests in each room. Housekeeping use this information to plan their cleaning routines in real-time, while simultaneously ensuring they do not unnecessarily disrupt guests.


  • Significant reductions in operational costs
    One of the major benefits of implementing a REMS is the reduction in operational costs. The system switches off devices (such as lights and TVs) in unoccupied rooms, and shifts thermostats to temperatures that require less demand on the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). Operational costs are reduced by at least 15%.


  • Carbon footprint reduction

    The carbon footprint of a hotel refers to the total amount of greenhouse gases it generates through its operations, linking it directly to the energy that it consumes. Having a REMS in place to continuously measure and adjust settings in real-time significantly reduces the hotel’s carbon footprint. The REMS also identifies Iniala’s current energy-intensive practices, enabling the operators to further lessen their environmental impact. 


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