Ready to Deploy - IoT Starter Kits

Do you wish to increase your business’s efficiency and operations? Check out our ready-to-deploy IoT packages.

Ready, set, go! Choose your industry/area of business, select your preferred IoT starter kit package and purchase! Our sensors will arrive on your doorstep, pre-configured by our technical experts. As easy as that!

Our ready-to-deploy IoT starter kits include sensors that measure various parameters. Once you’re convinced that IoT is the future for you, the kit will serve as a base on which we will help you build your custom smart solution.

Smart Agriculture

Monitor soil conditions, ambient air temperature, water tank levels, pipe pressure and more.

Cold Chain Monitoring

Monitor your cold chain's ambient air temperature, relative humidity & door status.

Smart Poultry


Monitor your poultry farm's temperature, humidity, CO2 levels & more in real-time.

Customised Packages

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